Em           Am
Coming fast, coming soon,
 C                  Em
we made love in the afternoon.
Em            Am
Found a flat, after that
 C              Em
we got married.

Working hard for the dream,
scoring goals for the other team,
times were bad, we were glad
we got married.

C                 Am            Em            C
 Like the way you open up your hearts to each other,
C                 Am             G
 when you find a meeting of the minds.
Am                    Bm
Just as well love was all we ever wanted,
       Am          Bm
it was all we ever had.

Inter 1: like Intro.

Further on in the game,
waiting up till the children came.
Place your bets, no regrets,
 C             Em  C              Em
we got married.   We got married.
 C       Am  Bm  D
We got marri-ed.

Inter 2:[Em Am C Em] x2

Nowadays every night
flashes by at the speed of light,
loving life, loving wife,
we got married.

C                                       Em
 I love the things that happen when we start to discover
C               Am                 G
 who we are and what we’re living for,
Am                    Bm
just because love was all we ever wanted,
        C  C/B    Am   Bm
it was all     we ever had.

Inter 3: with chords of all the theme.

Em                D/F#
 It’s not just a loving machine,
it doesn’t work out
       Am               Bm  D  Em
if you don’t work at it.

It’s not just a loving machine,...

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