Picking up scales and broken chords.
Puppy dog tails in the house of lords.
         F                    C
Tell me darling, what can it mean? 

Making up moons in a minor key.
What have those tunes got to do with me?
Tell me darling, where have you been?

Cm          G   G7  Cm        Eb           G#
Once upon along ago children searched for treasure.
 G#                 G      G7          Cm             C
Nature's plan went hand in hand with pleasure, such pleasure.

Blowing balloons on a windy day.
Desolate dunes with a lot to say.
Tell me darling, what have you seen? 

Once Upon Along Ago...

Playing guitars on an empty stage.
Counting the bars of an iron cage.
Tell me darling, what can it mean?

Picking up scales and...

Playing guitars on an...

Picking up scales and...

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