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MY BRAVE FACE   (McCartney/MacManus)

	         E  E6
	My brave face.
	I've been living in style
    A E              A    E
	Unaccustomed as I am to the luxury life.
      A                       F#m7/C#   B      E
	I've been hitting the town      and it didn't hit back.

	I've been doing the rounds
        Unaccustomed as I am to the time on my hands.
        Now I don't have to tell anybody when I'm gonna get back.

        C#m            G#m            E7
        Ever since you went away I've had this sentimental
             A             Am              E
        Inclination not to change a single thing.
        C#m                               G#m7                     A
	As  I pull the sheets back on the bed I want to go bury my head
	In your pillow.

        E        B    E                        B        E
Chorus: Now that I'm alone again, I can't stop breaking down again,
                     B             C#m
        The simplest things set me off again
                    G#m7     F#m7/C#
        And take me to  that place
        A6                 A        E
        Where I can't find my brave face
        A6                 A        E
        Where I can't find my brave face
        A                            E6  E
        My brave, my brave, my brave face.



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