Intro:[Am C/B C C/B] x2

Am         C/B  C         C/B
Last night you helped me through,
Am             C/B     C   C/B
took me to the lovers zone.
Am     C/B   C  C/B    Am           G        F
I saw there, images projected on a wall of stone.
F                 C
 I stood inside Egyptian temples,
F                C
 I looked into eternal gardens,
             F       Am
lay on the shores of distant island,
 G                F
listening to the sea birds song of joy.

Dm    G              C   C/B Am
Oh, I owe it all to you, you make me happy.
Dm    G              C
Oh, I owe it all to you.

Inter:[Am C/B C C/B] x4

Late last night, we were right
into some exotic scene.
Everywhere, images appearing on a giant screen.
I stood inside a glass cathedral,
I looked into the golden canyon,
lay by the lakes of holy water
glistening like a diamond in the light.

Oh, I owe it all...

Oh, I owe it all...

Inter: with chords of the first part.
(...lovers zone... Egyptian temples... eternal gardens...)
(...distant island, listening to the sea birds song of joy.)

I owe it all to you...

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