D      G      A
If you only knew
            C#є      Bm
how much it meant to me.
You'd understand and I would
  D                 Em   Asus4  A
feel your love was true.

Ebє             Em     A            D    DMaj7/C#
 This is all I want, this is all I need.
Ebє          Em         Asus4  A
 This all I long for, I do.

Just remember this
after a time is through.
And never more will there be
days, for me and you.

This is all I ask, all I ask of you.
Please remember darling, I do
love you.

  Eє           DD
Days go by so quickly, when your having fun.
 Eє           D           G       A
Life is never easy, even in, the sun.

But please remember this...

This is all I want, this is all I need
Darling please remember, I do
love you.

If you only knew.

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