Em/C#           F7/C
 And if I say I really knew you well,
      G                    G/F#
what would your answer be?
 If you were here today.
 Eb   F*   Cm   G   D7  G
Ooh- ooh- ooh- here to-day.

Well knowing you, You’d probably laugh and say
that we were worlds apart.
If you were here today.
Ooh- ooh- ooh- here today.

 But as for me,
 I still remember how it was before.
F                                C* Am  Em
 And I am holding back the tears no more.
 C*  Am   Em     FMaj7      D7
Ooh- ooh- ooh- I love you, ooh.

What about the time we met? (what about the time)
       Ebє                                     Em
Well I suppose that you could say that we were playing hard to get.
Em                                      Am     D7    Em
Didn’t understand a thing, but we could always sing.

What about the night we cried? (what about the night)
               Ebє                       Em
because there wasn’t any reason left to keep it all inside.
Never understood a word
             Am      D7          Em
but you were always there with a smile.

And if I say I really loved you
and was glad you came along.
If you were here today.
Ooh- ooh- ooh- For you were in my song.
Ooh- ooh- ooh- Here today.


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