Intro:[Em  A]

Well, you can dress me up as a robber
but I won’t be in disguise.
Only love is a robber,
and he lives within your eyes.
 Dm  Em
Ooh, ooh, eee, ooh.

You can dress me up as a sailor,
but I’ll never run to sea
as long as your love is available to me.
What do I do with a sea of
Blue? Ooh, eee, ooh.

Inter: con acordes de la 1є estrofa.

Dressing me up,
it doesn’t make a difference.
What you want to do,
Whichever way you look at it
I’m still in love with you.
If we go on forever
I may never make a change.

[Em  A]

Dressing me up,
and if I don’t convince you
you needn’t look too far
to see that I’m not lying.
‘Cos I love you the way you are
and what’s the point of changing
when I’m happy as I am?

Well, you can dress me up as a soldier,
but I wouldn’t know what for.
I was the one that told you he loved you.
Don’t wanna go to another
War. No, no, no.

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