Chords for 'love song for no one' for those who just cheat their way out of
j.mayer's difficult tabs :P mga tamad.. ako rin. :D Anyway,

4/4 measure, A scale.

Listen to the mp3 for the strumming..
© Orvin Reyes

A7 - Bm7 - C#m7

Verse 1:
AM7      Bm7   C#m7...
Staying home alone on a Friday
AM7      Bm7   C#m7...        
Flat on the floor looking back
On old love
Or lack thereof

(above same for other verses)...

AM7           E7
I'm tired of being alone
F#m           Bm7
So hurry up and get here
AM7           E7
So tired of being alone
F#m            Bm7
So hurry up and get here 
A7           Bm7  C#m7
(can you)

Verse 2:
F#m   Bm7hold
            I could have met you in a sandbox
F#m   Bm7hold
            I could have passed you on the sidewalk
F#m   Bm7hold
            Could I have missed my chance
F#m   Bm7                              D9
            And watched you walk away?
(I think there're some intro chords after the verse 2 is played the 2nd time,
check it out for yourself anyway)

Just repeat the chords for each part when they repeat.
For the ending just strum the intro chords.

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