Rest Stop (acoustic) - Matchbox twenty
Tabbed by: Andy S.
Email: [email protected]

Tuning: Standard

G           D/F              Em
Just three miles from the rest stop
G                      C
And she slams on the breaks
G            D/F               Em
She said I tried to be but I'm not
D/F                                 C
And could you please collect your things
I don't wanna be cold
I don't wanna be cruel
But I gotta find more
Than what's happening with you
D/F                     Em
If you'd - open up the door
             G               D/F
She said - while you were sleeping
I was listening to the radio
D/F                                 G
And wondering what you're dreaming when
             D/F               Em
It came to mind that I didn't care
So I thought - hell if it's over
I had better end it quick
Or I could lose my nerve
      G                      D/F
Are you listening - can you hear me
Have you forgotten

Just three miles from the rest stop
And my mouth's too dry to rage
The light was shining from the radio
I could barely see her face
But she knew all the words that I never had said
She knew the crumpled-up promise of this 
Broken down man - and as I opened up the door


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