Matchbox 20 Hang.
 Tabbed by [email protected],nz.


G                        c
She Grabs her magazines she packs her things and she g


Em                                  D
She leaves her pictures hangin on the wall
G                       C 
She burns all her notes  She knows shes been here to 
        D                 C
few years   to feel this old

repeat for verse 2


        G   D   C       G      D     C
and we always say id be good to go away someday

Em                                       D
yeah but if theres nothing there to make things 
change if its the same for you ill just hang

Repeat as needed these are the chords any extra bits you should be able to figure out

Tabbed by paul Devereux


G      C      Em      D
e 3      3       x      2
E 3      3       x      3
G x      x       x      2
D x      2       2      x
A 2      3       2      x
E 3      x       x      x 
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