ALBUM: The last tour on earth
Hm      G    Em
Hm      G    Em
Hm      G    Em
Dsus2   C    H

Am    G     C      G       Am
Yesterday was a million years ago
Am        G             Dsus2
In all my past lives I played an asshole
Now I found you, it´s almost too late
And this earth seems obliviating
We are trembling in our crutches
High and dead our skin is glass
I´m so empty here without you
I crack and split my xerox hands


Hm         G          Em
I know it´s the last day on Earth
Hm         G           Em
We´ll be together while the planet dies
Hm         G            Em       Dsus2
I know it´s the last day on Earth
C            H
We´ll never say goodbye

The dogs slaughter each other softly
Love burns it´s casualties
We are damaged provider modules
Spill the seeds at our children´s feet
I´m so empty here without you
I know they want me dead


Dsus2- 032000

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