Dried Up, Tied, and Dead to the World - Marilyn Manson

By: Jon Craven (i_ap[email protected])
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  -Played with a pick.
  -A legato slide is where the notes are played smoothly; in this case the D
(A:-5) is played in the middle of the slide to the E (A:-7).
  -Measures in the chorus have been expanded by one space; the notes are still
sixteenth notes.

(4/4)(88 bpm)
Standard tuning

* - note held for an eighth beat
/ - slide up
*L* - legato slide
. - sixteenth rest
R - quarter rest

Intro: (played softly)


Verse: (x8)(0:16)

Rest for two measures
Verse (x8)

Chorus: (x2)(1:06)


Rest for four measures
Verse (x8)
Chorus (x2)
Rest for eight measures
Chorus (x4)

Outro: (x16)(3:27)

Rest till end

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