Artist: Marcy Playground
Album: Mp3
Song: No One's Boy

Intro: F,Am,G x2

Verse 1:
F   Am G

You missed your chance
           F     Am   G
To be the prom queen

And so you turned
        F    Am  G
Into a wet dream

Pre Chorus:
Star of your own video
C/B         Am           E
Late night show on the floor

Verse 2:
A bad girl
No one's watching
As you slow move
To the rhythm
Of this sweet sound

Pre Chorus:
Booming through the radio
Late night show that they ignore

Are you lonely

Am           G       F
  Cause I'm no ones boy
Am     G       F
  I'm no ones boy
And I'll be all you need
 G            F
Only if you plead
Pray do
 Am     G
Angel blue

Bridge: Continue Am,G,F

Am          G       F
  If you'll be my girl
Am          G       F
  If you'll be my girl

And I'm no ones boy
And I'll be all you need
But only if you'll bleed
Pray do

Hey hey, don't walk away from me
I found you
I can find you

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