tune down 1/2 step

Intro: D  A  Em7 G 2x
      D                                 Bm7        G        Em Em7
You stay the night at his house with no ride to work
And I'm the one who tells you      He's another  jerk
      Csus2                                 Em7
But you're the one who can succeed
You've only got to prove your need
            D   A            Em  G
And you do          you do
And you do    You really do
      D                           Bm7                G        Em Em7
The sex you're trading up for what you hope is love
Is just another thing that he'll be careless of
      Csus2                                 Em7
But though there are caveats galore
You've only got to love him more

                     F   Em D    Bm7  G  Em Em7
Even when it's all too clear 
            D                           Bm7                G        Em Em7
You write a little note that you leave on the bed
And spend some time dissecting every word he said
     Csus2                                 Em7
And if he seemed a little strange
Well, baby--anyone can change


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