This Is How It Goes/Aimee Mann

capo up one fret

(lower case = bass notes only)

G g a G/B c d F C  F C G
G g a G/B c d F C  F C A

               Em    Em7/D     C            G
This is how it goes you'll get angry at yourself
And think you can think of something else
And I'll hear the clanging of the bells
'Cause I can't stop you baby

         Em    Em7/D    C          G
'Cause I don't have the bribery in place
No bright shiny surface to my face
So I won't go near the marketplace
With what I'm selling lately
'Cause this is how it goes
                      F     C 
'Cause it's all about trust 
It's all about shame
                  F   C
And whatever they want
Don't tell them your name

Em Em7/D C G 3x  A
               Em    Em7/D   C             G
This is how it goes one more failure to connect
With so many how could I object
And you what on earth did you expect
Well I can't tell you baby
This is how it goes

                     F      C               G
Cause it's all about trust,  It's all about shame
And whatever they want don't tell them your name

g a b c d F C F C G  2x
                    F   C                      G 
So I'll try to hold on while you try to let it go
                       F    C             G   F
You won't tell me it's gone but baby I'll know
           G      F
Baby I'll know   2x
Baby I'll know
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