the existing version of this song, Aimee Mann/Stupid Thing you have posted
is very flawed and has, by my count, 12 instances of incorrect chording,
including majors for minors, its not in the same key or position as the
recorded version, and some just completely incorrect chords, even in the
key in which that version was supposedly transcribed. Here is my version,
I think if you compare it to the recorded version you will find it very
accurate. Thanks.

Stupid Thing/Aimee Mann

Intro: D  CGD   CG

D            F#m       Bm    G
Nothing was saving our day
          D          F#m         C                   G
There was nothing to say but you said something anyway
D          F#m            Bm  G
Claiming I stepped out of line
      D              F#m        C                G      G/F#
which forced you to leave me as if that idea was mine

Em             G
Oh, you stupid thing
D                          A
Speaking of course as your dear departed
Em             G
Oh, you stupid thing
D                 A
It wasn't me that you outsmarted
Em            G
Oh, you stupid thing
            D              Am   G           D
stopping it all before it even started

D            F#m        Bm    G
I bet you knew it would come 
D                F#m         C                   G
that's just like you, to sit back and just play it dumb
D                 F#m            Bm    G
One word of warning would help
          D        F#m                C                   G   G/F#
but that sacrifice was made trying to save yourself


Bm     G  D  Am G  D
Bm     G  D  Am G  CGD

D                F#m          Bm    G
Maybe that's just how I am 
    D              F#m           C                  G
to fall where I stand or I'm weak for that kind of man
D                   F#m           Bm    G
One who looks helpless and brave
                     D      F#m        C     (bass notes)  c    b   a   G             G/F#
but you turned into a coward I don't care for the parts you saved
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