Driving With One Hand On The Wheel/Aimee Mann

    Em7         D          A          G          D                 A         
You asked me to dinner you brought me stuff, now what do I make of that
    Em7        A7      D           G          D           A
You made me an offer I called your bluff, now you're an amnesiac

             G        D      A
Driving with one hand on the wheel
Ordering luck with every meal
Feeding on hope again never mind how small a portion

  Em7          D            A       G           D             A  
I said like we do like we'd like to think, I'll take care of myself   
       Em7       A7            D      G           D               A
And who would've thought that initial drink would clear an entire shelf  


           G          D          A
You should look at it realistically     
I know you couldn't be in love with me  

  Em7            D         A      G        D                   A  
You sat there as dumb as a dog or cat just hoping it's for the best
   Em7   A7         D          G        D                A
As if anything ever comes from that, except an appalling mess


  Em7           D          A     G      D                 A  
Now you didn't bank on the alchemy that flattery turns to love     
        Em7           A7            D      G      D                 A  
But you took that obstructions will always be the danger of falling off

             G        D      A
Driving with one hand on the wheel
Not knowing how or what you feel
You only knew that it was enough to be feeling something 


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