Taken from the first person who made the chords for this song and completed.

Manic Street Preachers - THE EVERLASTING


Asus4: 0-3-2-2-0-0


E: I----5---I----5---I----1---I----0---I--------I--------I---------|I
H: I--------I--------I--3---3-I--1---1-I------3-I--------I---3-----|I
G: I--5---5-I--5---5-I--------I--------I----3---I--3-----I--3------|I
D: I3-------I2-------I0-------I--------I--3-----I----3---I-3-------|I
A: I--------I--------I--------I3-------I1-------I--------I1--------|I
E: I--------I--------I--------I--------I--------I--------I---------|I

Verse 1

F 				Am
The gap that grows between our lives
The gap our parents never had
Stop those thoughts control your mind
		C# 		C
Replace those things that you despise
	Am 		Bb
Oh you're old I hear you say
	     C 		      Dm
It doesn't mean that I don't care
	Gm 		Bb
I don't believe in it anymore
	C#			C*
Pathetic acts for a worthless cause

Pre-Chorus (x2)
Dm 	Gm 	C 		Am
In the beginning when we were winning
Bb 			Asus4  A
When our smiles were genuine

Bb 	C 		F   C 	Dm   Gm   Asus4 A
But now unforgiven, the everlasting everlasting

Verse 2 (chords same as verse 1)
The world is full of refugees,
they're just like you and just like me
But as people we have a choice
to end the void with all it's force
So don't forget or don't pretend
it's all the same now in the end
It was said in a different light
destroys my days and haunts my nights

Pre-Chorus (x2)

Guitar Solo (same as verse chords)
Pre Chorus (x2)
Chorus (x2)
End with a Dm

Nice song, don't ya think?

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