This is not an original chords.
It is for poeple's voice who cannot reach chord D
The opening is G
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M2M - Girl In Your Dreams


G D C G D C 
Na na na na na 

G        D             C            D
I was walking down the street one day
G        D                   C
Then I saw you I didn't know what to say
G              D
Your eyes were shining
      C             D
Your smile was so kind
G       D                      C
When I saw you I wanted you to be mine 

G        D               C
Maybe I don't have the blonde hair you like
G           D           C
Or maybe I don't have eyes like the sky
G            D              C    D       Am
And I'm not sure if I'm the girl in your dreams
G          D          Am C     C
But I can show you what love means 

G    D                C         D
One day you came and talked to me
G         D          C
And you said we are meant to be
G       D            C         D
I was happy, everything was so nice
G            D                   C
But then I found out that everything was a lie 



G     D        C
How could you do this to me
G     D          Am C    C
You said we are meant to be
G     D              C
You showed me how to cry
G         D            Am   D
When you told me everything was a lie  



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