This song is hilarious, most of it should be right.  I went over it a bunch
of times, any corrections send it my way.




A, Asus4

E            B      A
My lady gives birth today
E            B       A
I run to her room right away
E            B         A
She smiles with glee, then hands her to me

B            D          E
I look at my newborn and say

A            B       E
Damn that's an ugly baby
A            B       E  
Damn that's an ugly ass baby
B                 E
I'm feeling quite concerned
B                E
My semen must have turned
     D                E
Cause damn that's an ugly baby

B           E        A
This is just what I feared
B           E           A
Her head is mis-shaped and weird
B                 E             A
She's skinny like a twig, at least her nuts are big
B                          D          E
But her hair color doesn't match her beard

A              B    E
Damn that's an ugly baby
A              B        E
Damn that's an ugly ass baby
B                E
I give the doc a smack-in
B                          E
And say can't you stuff her back-in
D                        E
Cause damn that's an ugly baby

And when she smiles I find
Shane Mcgallowyn comes to mind
I almost start to cry
When I look into her good eye
I always wanted kids
Is it wrong to hope for SIDS
Then the doctor calls me in
Mr. Lynch she has a twin

A             B           E
Damn that's a good lookin baby
A             B            E
1 for 2 on the good lookin baby
B                 E      B                E
I almost start to weep, now this one we can keep
D                           E    
Cause that one's an ugly ass baby

(sometimes he does this part which is just the chorus chords)

She got 1 good tooth and one ear and one eye
And thank God just one nose but it sits on her thigh
And the thought of changing her diaper each day
Or powdering her ass with that tail in the way
Oh no, not me, I don't want no ugly baby

Song ends on A

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