G            Hm           F#m7
Her eyes are open like a book 
               A        G+1   A  D
Her fingers stroke her hair to look 
          Hm               F#m7
A moment feels so out of place 
                 A     G+1  A   G
This will left standing in disgrace 

            Hm              F#m7
Paint your fingernails at night 
            A          G   A    G
Style you hair in the bathroom light 
Hatred never looked this good 
Whoever thought it could 

G              A            F#m      Gmaj7        
I don't wanna wait or leave it up to fate 
          Gmaj7         A        F#m7 G
'cause I just wanna watch you all night Screaming 
D              A
End it you're gone and 
           Hm            F#m7              A
Don't you wake me up, I don't want this dream to
End it you're gone and                            D
Don't you wake me up, I don't want this dream to end 

One kiss those lips could never lie 
But I know something isn't right 
Don't be fooled my friends aside 
'cause I see nothing in those eyes 
All said and done 
This won't be fun 
Make no mistake 
Those smiles are fake 


But believe me, I know it will always be moving 
I know we could find a key 


All the times that we suffered this before 
Never once did you ever close that door 
All the make up cannot hide the fact 
That you're gone and you're never coming back.

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