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{chordsize: 11}
{subtitle: Nils Lofgren}
{define: Fmaj7 base-fret 1 frets x x 3 2 1 0 }
{define: G base-fret 0 frets x x 0 0 0 x }

[E]Here I come again[D] on a [A]Saturday night[G]
[E]After the first[D] love that [A]ever felt right[G]
[E]Ask me if it's [D]right to [A]love another guy[G]
[E]First I say yes[D], then I[A] tell her why[G]
[Em]Cryin' moontears,[D]---[C]--[D]
[Em]I'm cryin' moontears,[D]---[C]--[D]
[Em]Cryin' moontears,[D]---[C]--[D]
[Em]I'm cryin' moontears,[D]---[C]--[D]

Early in the morning I feel the sun
True love is sad if it's the only one
She looks good and it hurts my head
Sometimes I think I'd feel better dead
Hear me cry!
{c: Guitar Solo}
Yeah, everyone is tryin' to love the one I love
I don't think they really understand love
It's easy to fall and harder to part
No matter where it is it comes from the heart
{c:End Chord}

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