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                    Intro to Children of Rock 'n' Roll    (John Lodge)

     G  / / /  / / /  C  D  G  / / /  / / /  C  D  G  / / /  /

                 C  G              C  G     Am       C       G
     You have to know where you're going before you say goodbye

                 C  G             C   G     Am       C   G
     You have to know what you're asking before you ask why

     G  / / /  / / /  C  D  G  / / /  / / /  C  D  G  / / /

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Put your problems out with the cat -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Written by:    Mick Anderson     [email protected]
                              or [email protected]
Assisted by:   Ria Heeringa
               Shelley Giblin
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Must be lamb today cause beef was last week =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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