Alex Lloyd, My Way Home (Acoustic Version).
Tabbed by jono, [email protected]
Alex Lloyd - My Way Home (Acoustic)
By Jono [email protected]

Chords used:
Bm Bm7 Em Em6 Em7 G A D    G A D
2  2   0  0   0   3 0 2    3 5 5   
3  3   0  2   3   3 2 3    3 5 5
4  2   0  0   0   0 2 2 OR 4 6 7
4  4   2  2   2   0 2 0    5 7 7
2  2   2  2   2   2 0 x    5 7 5
x  x   0  0   0   3 x x    3 5 x  

He uses barre chords im pretty sure for the G A and D chords, 
or he did at big day out at least. 
Listen to the song to get the strumming pattern. 


Bm Bm7 Em Em7 Em6 Em


Bm                        Bm7
Something 'bout last night what you said

Feels so cold on a sunny day

Bm                   Bm7
Overloaded minds have walked this path

Think about you in a daylight bath

Bm         Bm7            Em
I feel like this on my way home

Bm         Bm7         Em       Em7  Em6  
No place im going to is known

G            A            D     G
You're the sun, that's in my eyes
       A       D       G
I can see so we'll survive

      A        D         G
Consequence, come what may

You let me run, you let me hide

I'm coming home


Bm            Bm7
Sky's so dark, dark and blue

Em                       Em7 Em6  Em
Picture shaped clouds of you know who

Bm                       Bm7
Looking for a sign in the midnight sun

Fighting myself isn't that much fun

Chorus x 2
2nd Chorus

Bm         Bm7            Em    Em7 Em6 
I feel like this on my way home

Bm         Bm7        Em
No place im going to is known
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