Hey Dude. Sorry But My Computer Is 5 Years Old So It Types Up Differnt. Heres 
   The Lit Ziplock Solo! 

   Band: Lit 
   Album: A Place In The Sun 
   Song: Ziplock ( The Solo ) 
   Submitted By: Sam ( [email protected] ) 

   Ok The Solo For Ziplock Is Really Easy. You Don't Need A Seven String Like 
   Every Other Band Or A Signature Tuning Like Ever Other Guitarist With An 
   Ibanez Deal. Just A Six String Guitar Tuned Regular. Ok So Here Goes! 

   The Begining Solo Riff ( The High Pitched Sound In The Begining ) 

   e|--18--------- - 

   ( Just Repeat About 8 Or 9 Times ) 

   Ok Now For The First Part Of The Solo 
   D|-x-x-x-x- x-- x--x-- x--x-- x--x-- x -x-x- x-x----| 
   B|-x-x-x-x- 9-- 9-10-10--9--9--8-- 8- 6-6-4-4--- | 

   Now For The Second Part Of Te Solo: 

   D|- x-- x--x-- x--x-- x--x-- x--x-- x -x-x--x-x-----| 
   B|-13-13- 9-- 9-10-10--9--9--8-- 8- 6-6- 4-4----| 

   Yeah I Know It Might Be Confusing Just A Bit But I Ran Out Of Room. Just 
   Remember The Second Part Of The Solo Begins As The First One Ends. Ok Well 
   I'm Only 14 And I Am Sure This Is Correct. I Can Help Out With Some Other 
   Songs Too. Like I Have A Limp Bizkit Three Dollar Bill Yall$ Guitar Book And 
   Stuff. Well Keep On Practicing Guitarists! 

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