Author/Artist: Linkin Park
Title: FRGT/10
Album: Reanimation
Transcribed by: Sub Sonic Ghost
Email: [email protected]

This is another ver cool song from, an umbelievable 
band.  Remixed by Alchemist and featuring Chali 2na, 
this is truly a very different fill for one of LP's 
best and hardest tracks.  Instead of the Metal feel 
there best known for, this song is completely hip 
hop/rap. When it comes to bass this is a ver simple 
song, consintrating only on one small riff, with a 
very easy Rhythm.  With a pause or a fill very rarely 
found.  I have it tabed for both 4 and 5 strings, 
so have fun.  Peace Ya'll.

Tuning:  Standard 5-String: B, E, A, D, G
         Drop Tuned 4 String: D, A, D, G 

Intro: (no Bass)
Verse 1: 4x
Break: (no Bass)
Chorus (I guess): 4x
Pause: (no Bass)
Verse 2: 8x
Break: (no Bass)
Verse 3 (Chali): 6x
Chorus: 4x
Outro: Play till it fades.

Thats it, have fun. Peace

4-String -

5-String -
 This is basically the same riff played through the whole song.

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