Intro: C F C F C

C                      F
Lost in the milky way, smile at the empty sky and wait for
    C                                   F
The moment a million chances may all collide
C                           F
I'll be your guiding light, swim to me through stars that shine down
    C                                          F
And call to the sleeping world as they fall to earth

   C                       F
So here's your life, we'll find our way
      C                       F
We're sailing blind, but it's certain nothing's certain
C             F
I don't mind, I get the feeling
C               F
You'll be fine, I still believe that
F             F                     G
In this world we've got to find the time
For the Life of Riley

From cradles to sleepless nights, you breathe in life forever
And stare at the world from deep under eiderdown

Although this world is a crazy ride
     C                  G
Just take your seat and hold on tight...
Tim Villa                                                [email protected]
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