By Lifehouse 

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that this is my interpretation 
of this song.  It's one of my favorite songs on this album and I really like 
how Lifehouse brings the music to life.  I listened to it a hundred times and 
I found that if you play it with a Capo on 2, you pretty much get the same 
effect.  Have fun with it and email me if you have any question! 

[email protected] 
Capo II/Intro: (vamp A)  ||: - D - E - f# - D - E - A :||  

D     E    f#       f#  E/g#  A  
Catch your breath.  Hit the wall. 
D      E   f#          D     E  A     
Scream out loud as you start to crawl 
     D  E    f#    D   E    f#                   
Back in your cage, the only place 
D     E    f#         f#  E/g# - D   
Where they will leave you alone. 
          A                                 D      
Cause the weak will seek the weaker till they've broken them 
     f#            A 
Could you get it back again?  Would it be the same? 
     f#             D  
Fulfillment to their lack of strength at your expense 
        f#     A         /G#  -  D   
Left you with no defense, they tore it down 

    E                 f# 
And I have felt the same 
   D         E          f#      
As you, I've felt the same 
   D         E        A   -->   (repeat intro progression)     
As you, I've felt the same... 

D      E  f#       D E  f#     
Locked inside, the only place 
      D   E    f#               f#  E/g# A       
Where you feel sheltered, where you feel safe 
    D    E    f#            D      E  f#       
You lost your self, in your search to find 
D   E     f#       f#   g# D     
Something else, to hide behind 
    A                               D                          
The fearful always preyed upon your confidence 
           f#                                A   
Did they see the consequence, when they pushed you around? 
    f#                                        D                   
The arrogant build kingdoms made of different ones   
                   f#                          A         E - D 
Breaking them till they've become just another crown... 

(Repeat Chorus) 

  D    E  f#    D        E  f#    
Refuse to feel, anything at all 
  D    E  f#       D    E  A 
Refuse to slip.  Refuse to fall. 
D     E  f#     D     E     f# 
Can't be weak.  Can't stand still. 
    D     E    f#         f# - E/g# - D     
You watch your back cause no one will... 

A           D 
You don't know why they had to go this far 
                  f#                             A         
Traded your worth for these scars, for your only company 
f#                                    D   
Don't believe the lies that they have told to you 
Yeah not one word was true 
       A         E           D  
You're all right.  You're all right.  You're all right. 

(Repeat Chorus, fade and end) 

Artist: Lifehouse 
Title: Simon 
Album: No Name Face 
Tabbed by: Tommy 

I am pretty sure it's right if you find anything i missed e-mail me 
at [email protected] 

Standard Tuning 




I haven't figured out the whole song yet but as soon as i get it i'll submit  

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