Title: Hanging By A Moment
Band: Lifehouse
Album: No Name Face

Im a huge Lifehouse fan and when i saw the posting of
Hanging i went balistic. The whole thing seems right
but i have a few corrections to make. Don Fisher
([email protected]) did a good job at it, but
just by playing it 24/7 to learn it, i noticed a few
minor things wrong. here is my take on it. this is my
first time submitting a tab so please have some faith.

First off, try playing in E flat rather than Drop D,
sounds better.

A---12/1-1~---  *repeat several times

before going into the chorus riff:
(you'll know when u play with song what im talking

Chorus 1 Riff:
G----2--0--5--  ---2--0------
A------------  ---------0---  *repeat 2 times

D--------7------------   --------7-------------
----5-7---777-9-7-9-7   ----5-7---777-5-4-0---
G--5------------------   --5-------------------
A--------------------   ----------------------
*repeat as many times needed...timeing is really
tricky so pay attention

Chorus 2 riff:
G--2222-0000-5555--5-6-7-  --2222-0000-5555-5-----
A-----------------------  -------------------5-0-
*repeat about 4 times

Interlude 1:
G--554-554-554-554--556-556-556-556 *repeat 2 times
and go into secound interlude with:

Interlude 2:
A--------------22222------- *repeat 2.5 times

Then-- go back to intro...then to verse..then to
chorus 2...and end with chorus 1 riff.

ok, this was my frist time tabbing a song so please be
gentle. send any words of advise to
[email protected]
peace and happy playing,

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