please don't get me wrong
see I forgive you in a song
they call the
likely lads
D / E

but if it's left to you
we know exactly what you'd do
with all the dreams we had

D - Dm
but blood runs thicker oh
we're thick as theives you know
if that's important to you
(it's important to me)
I tried to make you see
B / E
but you don't wanna know

If you pipe
all summer long
then get forgiven in a song
well that's a touch, my lad
they sold the rights to all the wrongs
and sold him for a song
but oh the fun we had

blood runs thicker etc

what became
of the likely lads
E / D

what became of the dream we had?
what became of forever?
what became of forever though? we'll never know...

words and music Doherty / Barat

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