All the chords are pretty simple, but there are a lot of changes so sorry
if this is really messy & confusing.
When i say, for example, Em x4, i mean four bars of Em.
Email me ([email protected]) if you have any corrections! 

Em x4
Am x4
Em x4

I've got a little secret for ya

G x4  
Cmaj7 x4

Am               D               G      G
Even now there's something to be proud about
    Am               Am
You come up the hard way
           Bm             Am
And they remind you every day
       G       G  C
You're nothing
   C                D                 G    G
Oh my words in your mouth are mumbled all about
             Am       Am
You're like a  journalist
        Bm                Am 
You can cut and paste and twist
Em x4        Am x4  Em x4   
You're awful
Am              Am
Tell it to your king
       Bm            Am        G     G
Go and tell him everything you know
             G          G
Tell him you know how I feel
Tell him you know how i feel
       D      Em
At the palace gates
        C             C
I'm all levered of my face
                 D                  G        G
And I just can't work out what it's all about
     Am          Am
I see  snakes in eyes
   Bm       Am     G x4  C  
And  danger signs
C            D                G       G
 If you were late you mustn't dare complain
        Am                Am
And you wont like this at all
        Bm         Am         Em x4  Am x4  Em x4
There's nothing to break your fall
   Am              Am
Oh tell it to your king
Bm            Am        G x4
Tell him everything you know
        G               D      Em
And you know how I feel out of place
           C             C
Until I've levered of my face
          D                    G   G
And I can work out what you're on about
Am              Am
  Didn't they explain
    Bm               Am    G x4  
you have to play the game

G x4 Cmaj7 x4  D  D/C  G/B  Am  G x4

       G                     D/F#
Johnny drinks and smokes his cares away, 
    C               G
his heart is in the lonely way, 
C             G
living in the ruins 
     A7           D7      G  
of a castle built on sand

D/F#  C  G  C  G  A7  D7  G

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