The Levellers - The Boatman.

for the chords to this song please see elsewhere in the Site.  The Tab is ok but I have a few improvements.

The intro:  played in E

e ----------0--0--0-|
B ----------0--0--0-|
G ----------1--1--1-|
D ---0---2-----2--2-|
A -2-----------2--2-|
E ------------------|

Listen to the track to get the gist.  Ok now the Tab for the cool mandolin sounding bit.  I have 
it so,
if like me you are just starting on the road of guitar playing you can grab everything easier.


For the lyrics and the other chords, They are mainly E and D please see the other tab.
This is meant only as a correction.  If anyone has Bass tabs for anything by the leveleers then mail me.
Hope you enjoy it.  If I messed up the tab then send me the corrections aswell

Be good

[email protected]

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