I havn't seen any tabs for this song...let alone many ltj tabs so heres one of
their old best songs! if you can get someone who can play the bass to this song
aswell, it will sound sweet because my band did it in practice and are doing it
at some gigs we're doing...the bass notes for this song are amazing! anyway...have fun!


   Eb  Cm  Ab  Bb   Eb5 C5  Ab5 Bb5

if you can't play the intro, well i've adapted it so that its just simple power chords:

Intro (adapted): CLEAN (strumming not shown)

Intro: Eb Cm Ab Bb (clean) 

Verse: Eb5 C5 Ab5 Bb5 (distorted) (each time we have a quarrel.../one day i feel so happy...)

Chorus: Eb5 C5 Ab5 Bb5 (distorted) (each night i ask the stars up above,
why must I be a teenager in love?)

Bridge: Ab5 Bb5 (distorted) (I cry a tear, for nobody but you...)

great song go to www.lessthanjake.com they RULE!!!
any fan mail email me: [email protected]

if you dont know the lyrics to this song, go to www.letssingit.com they have it.

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