C альбома "Lenny" 2001 года.


Куплет 1:
You think I´m cool
But I am not
    Em              Hm
You think that I am nonchalant
You think I´m hard
That I play the part
Don´t be fooled
You are my heart
G           D                Em           C6
Oh Babe I´m just so tired of being on the run

G                 Fm
Babe when I can´t feel your touch
          Em           A
and we´ve lost another day
C                   Eb     F     G
Seems like I´m a million miles away
G        Fm
I wander in the dark
        Em                 A
Looking for somewhere to stay
C                   Eb           G
Seems like I´m a million miles away

Куплет 2:
Without love what have we got
All these things don´t mean a lot
Let´s disregard the past and start
A new fire
From this old spark
Let´s take this love
And make it hotter than the sun

Припев 1x

What am I looking for ?
     Em                 Em Fm
What am I dreaming of ?
B                                     Em   A Am Cm
When you are the woman that I really love

Припев 2x.

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