(Imagine Picture) Tab By: Yeudiel Almaraz Dominguez
EMail:[email protected]  Te Amo: CLAUDIA MONSERRAT A.R.
Chords used:
D:     000232
Dmaj7: 000222
Bm:    224432
A+:    003221
G:     320003
Em7:   020000
A:     002220
C9:    032330
G/F#:  200003
F#m(V): xx0675
D                        Dmaj7
All the little boys and girls
Bm                    A+
Living in this crazy world
G                       G/F#    Em7   A
All they really needed from you
                D    C9  D
Was maybe some love
All the little girls and boys
Playing with their little toys
All they really needed from you
Was maybe some love

     D              C9
Why must we live alone
    D              C9
Why must we live alone
   D       Bm   Em(III) F#m(V)
This is real life
 D       Bm  Em(III) F#m (V)
This is real

D                 C9
I don't expect you to understand
D                         C9
That the kingdom of Heaven is in your hands
D                 C9
I don't expect you to wake from your dream
D                  C9
Too late for cryin' now it seems
All the little plans and schemes
Nothing but a bunch of dreams
All they really needed to do
Was maybe some love

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