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From: [email protected] (victor perez)
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 21:37:42 GMT

               Power to the People
                 John Lennon

   by: Victor C. Perez
       [email protected]

   intro spoken: |: Power to the peo|ple|Power to the peo|ple:|


     D   E       D
   Power to the people,   (3 times)
    D            Cmaj7       D
   Power to the people right on.

   You say you want a revolution,
   we'd better get on right away
   Well let's get on your feet  
   end of the street, singing  {goto Chorus}

   A million workers working for nothing,
   you better give them what they really own
   We gotta put you down
   When we come into town singing   {goto Chorus}

   I gonna ask you comrades and brothers,
   how do you treat your old woman back home
   She's gotta be herself 
   so she can give us help, singing {chorus til end}

   Chords:              Frets:               Fingerings:

   D                    xx0232                xx0132  or   xx0121
   Em                   022000                012000
   Cmaj7                x32000                x32000

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