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                WHEN I STOP DREAMING as performed by EVAN DANDO 
           - live at the 9:30 club Wash.DC, on nov.13 1994 from bootleg-
                            (Chords by devon green)

D                                  G
you were the avil that fell on my life?
C                                      G
the first time i ever felt longing to die
             G                                        C
was the night that you told me you loved someone else
      G                             D       
and asked me if i could forget 
         G               C                        D                       
when i......... stop dreaming, thats when i'll stop loving you
         G               C                        D                       
when i......... stop dreaming thats when i'll stop cryin' for you


You may teach flower to grow in the snow 
you may take a pebble and teach it to grow
you can teach all the rain drops to return into the clouds 
but you can't teach a heart to forget
chorus 2  same lyrics

i feel like a flower alone in the spring 
alone and neglected transforming in the rain
to a garden of sadness where the pedals have fallen
in a shadow of undying pain
chorus3 same lyrics

tips: for verse 2&3 may wanna replace that first D with another G
         making it two Gs in a row .......ya know!

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