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From: [email protected]

here's a rough version of out door type , that he did acoustic and very drunk
so it was kinda heard to make out the changes,not to mention it may be
different when the album comes out,  but here's what i got.

Verse1- D (being aroundish rhythm)
                (i was standing in the doorway, always creeping in?)

              but i've never set foot inside a tent
             G                                   D           G
              couldn't build a fire to save my life 
                G              A              G           D
              i lied about being the outdoor type
V2-       i never slept out underneath the stars
         the closest that i came to that was one time my car..
         G                                                 D           G
         broke down in the suburbs for an hour at night
            G              A              G          D
         i lied about being the outdoor type
         F#m             G                                             
Br.1- To scared to hunt you know, 
              G                                A
           i know whatch you'd be looking for
                F#m             G                 
          i've lied till i've fit the bore ,
                  G                       A
            god bless the great indoors
i lied about being the outdoor type, 
        G                   D                          G
i've never owned a sleeping bag but i own a mountain bike
V3-  i can't go away with you on a mountain climbing weekend

    what if somethings on tv and its never shown again 
      G                                                D             G
 its just as well i'm not invited i'm afraid of heights 
  G               A             G           D
i lied about being the outdoor type

D                        G                             D                    G
Never learned to swim can't grow a beard or even fight
  G               A            G           D
i lied about being the outdoor type.

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