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Chords By: Devon Green  ([email protected])
Verse 1
  G                     D               C                   D
Hearts that are broken and love thats untrue
C                     D                  G         C G
These go with learning the game

Repeat Verse 2 (for second verse )
When you love her and she doesnt love you
Your only learning the game...

C                                           D             
When she says that your the only one she'll ever love 
C                                        D              
Then you find that you are not the one shes thinking of...
G               D                          C              D               
Feeling so sad and you're all alone and blue
C                           D                   G         C G 
Thats when youre learning the game


Dont forget to add Eb 7sus 9-11  (Just to prove you are really cool.)

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