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Allison's Starting To Happen by the Lemonheads. Transcribed by John Birchett

This tune is simple, but REALLY good. It is played with all barre chords)

Scratch effects (mute all of the strings with your hand, a watermelon, or
                 a camel)

She'd shake it up

was hard to make out

C                 G
Now it's plain to see.

           G              A
I couldn't cook to save myself

         C          D
found my life a recipe.

        G                  D 
I never looked at her this way before

but now she's all I see...

Em                    D
Allison's starting to happen

C                     Em
Allison's starting to happen

Em                    D
Allison's starting to happen

   C (walk the bassline down --C,B,A,G)
To me

       G            D
I'm so mezmerized I can't describe it

D               G
All that inside hate      (

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