Capo 2
| A-E | D-A | A-E | G |
(A) I've been around the (E) ocean since (D) I was a (A) kid
I don't get to (E) see it much these (G) days (A)
This mornin' I (E) walked down to it (D) just to say I (A) did
And damned if it (E) didn't take my breath (G) away (A)
I guess (E) some things are just that way

Like a (D) baby (A) sleeping 
A (E) Momma (F#m) kneeling
A (D) Key West (A) sunset (E) sky
Yeah the (D) chills I (A) get when you (E) lay your (F#m) lips on mine (D)
That's beautiful
Beautiful every time

| A-E | D-A | A-E | G |

(A) Well I could hear the (E) music drifting (D) over the (A) dunes
It sounded like (E) a weddin' on the (G) beach (A)
I figured I'd (E) take a closer look
Had nothin' (D) better to (A) do
Yes I forgot the sight a (E) blushing bride (G) could be (A)
Well I guess (E) amazing is always amazing


| A-E | D | x2

I guess (E) amazing will always be amazing
Like a (D) church choir (A) singing
A (E) nation (F#m) healing
A (D) soldier (A) coming home (E) alive
The (D) love for (A) me girl (E) I see (F#m) in your eyes (D)
That's beautiful 
Beautiful every time (A-E)
(D) Oh (A) every time (A-E-G)

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