From Thu Apr 14 11:05:55 1994
 From: [email protected] (Brian R Ross)
 Subject: CRD: Led Zeppelin - The Crunge
 Date: 12 Apr 1994 20:36:09 GMT
 Organization: University of Guelph
 Lines: 70
 X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
 This is out of one of "those" books, so take this with a grain of salt:
 A9 = xxx12,12,12
 A6 = xxx14,14,14
 D9 = xxx555
 C#9= xxx444
 Eb9= xxx666
 C9 = xxx333
 A6  A9
 I wanna tell you `bout my good thing
 D9  C#9  D9  C#9 D9 C39 D9   Eb9  D9    C#9
 I ain`t disclosin` no names, but
 D9   C#9  D9 C#9   D9   C9    C#9  D9   C#9
 He sure is a good friend and
    D9               C#9    D9  C#9   D9     Eb9   D9
 I ain`t gonna tell you where he comes from, but
 C#9   D9          C#9  D9  C#9   D9  C9  C#9  D9  C#9  D9 C#9 D9 C#9 D9 Eb9
 If I tell yuou, you won`t come again    oh
 D9            C#9     D9       C#9
 I ain`t gonna tell you nothin` but
 C#9 D9  C#9  D9   A6  A9     A6  A9
 I do, well, but I know, yeah
 Now let me tell you `bout my girl
 I open up a newspaper and what do I see?
 Ah, see my girl, ah
 Ah, lookin` at me
 Ooh, and when she walks, she walks,
 Let me tell you
 When she talks, she talks
 And when she looks me in my eye
 She`s my baby, Lord, I wanna make her mine
 Oh, tell me baby what you want me to do
 And you want me to love you
 Love some other man
 Oo they ain`t gonna call me Mister Pitiful No
 I don`t need no respect from nobody no,
 I ain`t gonna tell you nothin, I ain`t gonna tell you no more,
 No she is my baby, let me tell you that I love her so
 And, and she`s the woman I really wanna love and let me tell you more
 Oo, she`s my baby, let me tell you she lives
 Next door
 She`s the one a woman, the one a woman that I know
 I ain`t goin`, I ain`t goin`, I ain`t gonna tell.
 I ain`t goin` tell you one thing that you really ought a know
 But - she`s my lover baby, and I love her so.
 And - she`s the one that really makes me whirl and twirl
 And - she`s the kind of lover that makes me fill the whole world
 And - she`s the one who really makes me jump and shout
 Oh - she`s the kind of girl that I know what it`s all about
 Take it home,
 Take it, take it, take it
 Ah, excuse me,
 Ah, will you excuse me?
 I`m just try`n a find the bridge,
 Has anybody seen the bridge?
 (spoken) Please, have you seen the bridge?
 I ain`t seen the bridge
 Where`s that confounded bridge?
 I don`t know...give it a try,
 Brian Richard Ross

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