Babe I`m Gonna Leave You (parts thereof)
 repeat this a bunch of times, then do the following twice:
 Do the first lick again, except the first high G (i.e. 3rd fret 1st string)
 drops to an E (open 1st string), and the first middle D (3rd fret 2nd string)
 drops to a C (1st fret 2nd string).
 The chords in the next section (you know the rhythm):
 Then back into the first section, and into the second part, then the
 next part 4 times:
 Then the cool hard strumming part (this is really an electric and
 an acoustic part: I`ll just give the chords for the acoustic part)
 Do this a few times, then there`s a little thing where you just use
 the last two chords I wrote (the F and the E): I`m sure you can figure
 it out.
 Well, that`s most of it.  I`ve left out some parts: the ending, all of the
 solos, and some variations on the main arpeggios, but that should give you
 most of it.



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