Leaving to Stay by Jonny Lang
Tabbed by Anthony

KEY: h - hammer on
     p - pull off
     + - hold note

Hey, this is correct... I left some lyrics out though, but you should be able to figure it out...


I can't believe what I've seen
I've been forsaken (he holds here)     I've been decieved
              G             F                       C
Cast aside and left beh--i--nd
      C              G     F
Till I can't bel--ieve my own eye-s
     F  C        G               F

I've been waiting for the glory of the coming of the Lord
           Am		   G            F             C
I've heard a lot of stories but my prayers have been ignored
      Am              G              F
I've been waiting in the wings between the ocean and the shore
            Am            G                 F              C
This time I'm leaving to stay----  I'm falling away
 F    C         G         D                     F          C

Thanks to Jonny Lang for playing this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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