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From: vidarb@alkymi.unit.no (Vidar Bergh)

After listening to the album again, I've revised some of the chords
mentioned in the request I posted yesterday. (I must have been quite
drowsy). If I've messed it up again, please respond.

Questioning my Sanity (L7) from the album 'Hungry for Stink'

Note: All chords are played as powerchords in the 'E-formation',
      ie. F#, G, A, B and C at respectively 2./3./5./7./8. fret.
      Crank up your distortion to match the guitar on the album.

4 x (E          G F# G E)

E                                 G F# G E
I'm  saving  my  kiss  in  a jar
This depression has gone too far
I'm   laying  here   in  my  bed
Am  I  alive   or   am  I   dead

A                          C B C A
Yeah..        Yeah..
A                          G F# G E
I'm questioning my sanity
E                          G F# G E
Yeah..        Oohhh..

The paint chips are kickin' in
Desperation bubbles my skin
There's stuff crawling on my floor
Crackers with black books knockin' on my door

Yeah..        Yeah..
I'm questioning my sanity
Yeah..        Oohhh..

C                         C B C A
  The TV's talkin' to me
[no chord]                G F# G E
I'm questioning my sanity
E                         G F# G E
E                         G F# G E
Aahh..                    Everybody, everybody have a breakdown

The TV's talkin' to me

I haven't changed my clothes in weeks
I'm wallowing in my own stink
my ass is sore from lying in bed
Am I alive or am I dead

Yeah..  Yeah..
I'm questioning my sanity


Vidar Bergh
mail: vidarb@alkymi.unit.no
WWW: http://alkymi.unit.no/~vidarb
Department of Organic Chemistry
Norwegian Institute of Technology

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