Chantal Kreviazuk, M.
 Tabbed by M, [email protected]
Chantal Kreviazuk-M

Cmaj7 / Fmaj7
They must mean business To say there's nothing worse 
Than to let your precious love child  Leave the planet first 
            G                                 Bb             F
Cause oh they've got to just let her go 
Dm        F                      C                              G
All the things that you swear you're gonna do 
F           Dm                     F             C          G
    Reservations on the next train to the moon 
Dm              C                              F          Dm         G      
Pack your things ?cause there ain't no time to lose 
F       G      F
                              And all the things you never 
Cmaj7 / Fmaj7
So I think we're gonna have to record her  Sometimes against her will 
We're gonna keep her alive with black and whites  Colour moving and still
                 G                                 Bb             F 
And then oh they've got to just let her go 
( Chorus )
F / C
Let her go                                  ( Chorus & end ) 
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