Always on the run
By Lenny Kravitz, Slash

Submitted By: Frank Verwijs
Email: [email protected]

Slash:   (I think Slash mutes some notes on the open E-string
with his thumb, not all of these are shown below)
--------------------------------- -------------------------------
--------------------------------- -------------------------------
-------------------0------------- -------------------------------
----2---0----0--.----0--2~~~~~~-- ---2---0----2--0-0-------0h2---
----------4-----5---------------- ---------4---------4-----------
-0---(0)--------0---------------- -0--(0)--------0-----0h3-------

Lenny Kravitz:
---------------------------       -------------------11/12-12-12-
---------------------------       ---------------x-x-11/12-12-12-
--x---------------------x-x       --x------------x-x-11/12-12-12-
--x-5-7-----x-5-x-------x-x       --x-5-7-----x--x-x-------------
--x-----5-7-x---x-5/6/7----       --x-----5-7-x------------------
---------------------------       -------------------------------

Chorus: G5 A5 ,riff    2x

Solo: no way!!!
Try to figure it out yourself; use mainly the Bluesscale in E:

12----15          ; the solo begins around the 5th and 7th fret
12---14-15          on the E-string.................
12--14-15-16     For the fastest parts use mainly Pull-offs and
12--14           also some hammer-ons
12-----15        Questions or comments, write to me at
                 [email protected]

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