KoRN, Trash
Todd Miller, [email protected]
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Author/Artist: KoRN
Title: Trash
Album: Issues
Transcribed by: Todd Miller
Email: [email protected]

1.  -|-------------------|-----
    -|-9-9-7-12-10-9-7-9-|----- Ok this is the half ass intro.

2.  -|-7----------------|-----
    -|------9----9------|----- Not sure if this is a guitar but it sounds ok.

3.  -|----------------------|---
    -|----------------------|--- This is the hard part.
Ok guys, as of now, I am really getting lazy.  These are the main parts and riffs in the song so it wont hurt you to try and figure them out.  My icq # is 27431846 if you got any questions and my aim name is bizkitblk182korn. Or email me at [email protected]   Have fun!

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