It's Gonna Go Away - Korn

Transcribed By: Sam Sensabaugh ([email protected])

Tuned Down One Half Whole Step (DGCFAd)

Yet Another Song where the Guitar is Well
hidden..but ive worked it out.

(Guitar 1)
d ||----------|
A ||----------|
F ||----------|
C ||-3--2-----|
G ||----------|
D ||----------|

(Guitar 2)
d ||----------------------------|
A ||----------------------------|
F ||----------------------------|
C ||----------------------------|
G ||-------1--3--1--6--5--3--1--|
D ||-1--5-----------------------|

Guitar 2's role sounds something like a Cello,
i think they are using an effects box similair
to a Pandora..that drops the pitch.

Listen For Guitar 2 To gome in...However, Guitar 1 goes
goes From Start to Finish....

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