Ska chords, slow reggae 

My mind's been waiting for you to leave 
      G                               Gm 
You've outstayed your welcome i don't want to be 
          D  E  C          C7      D 
Stuck with you, stuck here in my head 

(Same for all verses) 

Please pack your bags and wave farewell 
It's sad but overdue, can't you tell 
I'm tired of having you around 

As time goes on, you stay with me more 
Why can't you leave my mind now that I've left yours 
Oh please, find another place to be 

(same chord pattern goesreally fast x3 for bridge no vocs) 

(back to slow again) 

Being with me this long, it's indecency 
To you I'm just a fading memory 
Why can't you be this to me? 

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